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Diamond-weave coils are mistakenly called spider-web or spiderweb coils but because no spokes or former is included the proper name is Diamond-weave.  If the former or spokes are inside the coil then it is a spider-web coil.  My coils are air-wound with no 'spokes' which means less loss in the coil. 

Click on each picture in the My Coils Page to view.   Please email for prices on litz coils, this is due to fluctuating prices on the raw product.  I accept Paypal or if you prefer you can mail payment.  Please email me for information.

I make good Crystal Radio Coils for sale at low prices. I also make r.f. crystal radio or TRF coils to your specifications. My coils are for sale primarily on eBayI do have some coils in quantity, ask.   See the 'My Coils' page.  

I make diamond-weave (spiderweb), duolaterals, berndept, basketweave, and Rook coils using 175/46, or 180/44 litz wire, kynar insulated silver-plated copper wire, and copper magnet wires.  I use vintage period cotton covered copper wire when available for special order replacement radio coils. I also wind the above coils using YOUR wire at a set fee per coil, depending on the type of wire used. Email me for prices. Sorry no solenoid coils or former-type coils.

All of my coils are air-wound, meaning no loss causing formers included within the coil itself. The coils are held together using genuine GC Q-dope coating and lightly sprayed with Crystal Clear acrylic to strengthen the coil. Only Kipgen coil formers ( are used to make my coils.  

All coil inductances are checked using a AADE Precision L/C IIB Meter available here (  All coils come with a 2.5-inch 1/4-20 nylon bolt and three nylon nuts so you can mount your coil into your set at no extra charge.  In addition, all coils are shipped inside their own plastic container in order to protect your investment.   I ship via USPS Priority Mail both inside and outside the US.  International mail comes with insurance included in the cost. I also include One 1N34A diode with each coil!

Email me for a quote to make your coil or please see the MY COILS Page for ready made example coils.  I try to keep prices reasonable which depends on the price of wire from my suppliers.

A great place to find parts is Surplus Sales of Nebraska, "Where the hard to find parts are found and on hand".

Checkout Mike's Electronic Parts for good prices.